dynamic::System Class Reference

System. More...

#include <system.h>

Inheritance diagram for dynamic::System:

dynamic::Object dynamic::Element dynamic::Parallel dynamic::Serial List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void push_back (Object *p_Object)
 push element to back of system
void push_front (Object *p_Object)
 push element to front of system
void time_to (double time_to) throw (std::runtime_error,std::invalid_argument)

Protected Member Functions

void set_boundary_conditions ()
 Set boundary conditions.
void set_elements ()
 Set elements.
double set_absolut_x (int position, double value)
 Set absolut x value.
double set_absolut_dx (int position, double value)
 Set absolut dx value.
void time_next (double time_max=0) throw (std::runtime_error,std::invalid_argument)
 One computing step (use method Kunge-Kutta).
void calculation () throw (std::runtime_error,std::invalid_argument)
 Calculation time dependecy values.
virtual void resize ()
 Resize matrixs.
unsigned matrix_rows ()
 Matrix rows.
unsigned elements ()

Protected Attributes

std::list< Object * > m_list
 list of members


class  SystemEmpty
 Exception SystemEmpty If you want set any parameter less then zero when this parameter can be greater or equal zero. More...

Detailed Description


Member Function Documentation

unsigned System::elements (  )  [protected, virtual]


number of elements in

Reimplemented from dynamic::Object.

unsigned System::matrix_rows (  )  [protected, virtual]

Matrix rows.

Number of matrix rows in this object

Reimplemented from dynamic::Object.

void System::time_to ( double  time_to  )  throw (std::runtime_error,std::invalid_argument)

computing from current model time to time_to

electromotor_with_flywheel.cc, and serial_example.cc.

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